Get Firmer and Fitter Faster.

Kettlebell FAQS

Try working out with Kettlebells. FitForLife offers Kettlebell Training with Greg Pappas, Strongfirst Certified Kettlebell Instructor. Here’s some FAQS on kettlebells that will help you understand why this method of training is gaining popularity.

Russian Kettlebells are THE Answer!

  • Lose Weight
  • Get Firmer and Fitter Fast
  • Increase Strength and Mobility
  • Fast and Effective Workouts
  • A Full Body and Mind Exercise
  • Rehabilitate Injuries
  • Perfect for Sports Applications

What are Kettlebells?

Kettlebells are solid cast iron weights that look like a cannon ball with a suitcase handle. The kettlebell fitness program utilizes all of your core muscles which are absolutely essential for maintaining good health, Unlike any other standard weight training or fitness program, kettlebells reduce the risk of injury because all the routines and exercises are based in functional movements. A single routine will use all ranges of movement so joints and muscles are strengthened from all angles.

Train for REAL Life!

Have you ever had a friend throw out their back by reaching for a piece of fruit at the grocery store? Blow their knee out as a weekend warrior? Pull their hamstring lifting a couch? Could they have trained to prevent that injury?

We live in a three dimensional world but most fitness methods train only in one plane of movement. Kettlebell exercises are ideal because they blend strength, cardiovascular fitness, mobility, flexibility and balance, into a kind of condensed training that translates into everyday life and your sport of choice.


FitForLife Owner Greg Pappas