Katie Piepiora

Certified Yoga Instructor

Katie began practicing yoga in 2008 while searching for an activity to balance out her running habit.  After dealing with various injuries over the years, Katie quickly found that yoga seemed to alleviate the stress put on her body from a lot of pavement pounding. What started out as a great way to get a deep stretch and build endurance, became her secret to relax, reconnect and re-emerge from the mat with a brighter perspective on life.

Yoga has taught Katie to appreciate the current moment, take nothing for granted and simply be.  She is perpetually looking for ways to integrate the practice into everyday life and her love for travel & reggae music gave inspiration to her lively reggae flow classes.  She enrolled in the 200 hour teacher training program at B Yoga Center under the guidance of Krista Basis in 2013 and is now a certified yoga instructor. Katie encourages her students to come to class with an open heart, an open mind and be open to a little bit of fun in their practice.

Benefits of private and small group yoga instructions

  • Personalized attention to address form
  • Able to target specific areas of the body that need attention
  • Enrolling in a weekly program allows you to experience the benefits of the practice as you become stronger and more in-tune with your body

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