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Certified. Knowledgable. Driven.

  • Greg Pappas

    Greg Pappas

    Kettlebell Instructor / Owner

  • Katie Piepiora

    Katie Piepiora

    Certified Yoga Instructor

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  • While working at Golds Gym in South Boston, I was introduced to Kettlebell training by Greg Pappas, RKC. Personally I was looking to get back into shape but was tired of the same old gym routine. Enter the Kettlebell! I was hooked after Greg put me through my first workout (which last about 4 minutes). Since then, I have lost 15 lbs of body fat, and my blood pressure and cholesterol have gone down dramatically. Professionally, I have implemented kettlebell training into rehab programs for patients with a wide variety of ailments from low back pain, to shoulder instability. Kettlebells have literally changed my life and I enjoy passing it along to others.

    John H.