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Motivated By Fitness

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FitForLife, Inc. provides the highest quality personal training available in the Greater Boston area. Certified, educated, and driven our trainers have prepared clients through every aspect of training.

We start with movement mechanics and progress, at the clients pace, through Coordination, Flexibility, Torso Training, and Conditioning  striving to balance challenge, enjoyment and results for every client.

Personal Training is an excellent option for someone who prefers a one-to-one coaching relationship as their primary form of training. Great for people with variable schedules including athletes, executives and stay-at-home mothers.

Personal Training sessions lend themselves to a focused training that enables instant feedback. Complete attention to building understanding of a client’s goals which will provide the optimum environment for success.

In addition to personalized protocols, we give every client important dietary and nutritional guidelines. In conjunction with exercise, our clients achieve their desired results.
Our training population is remarkably diverse; from the mother of three, to the active businessman or youth athlete, to the individual trying to manage their weight and lifestyle, without rescheduling their life around a workout.

Our Facility

FitForLife Boston is located at Gold’s Gym in South Boston, MA. We have a dedicated Personal Training area, where our clients get one-on-one attention. All of the main gym equipment is also available to our clients.

We are just blocks from the Expressway and West Broadway Street, where there are coffee shops, restaurants and more. On-site parking is available to all of our clients.

Our Training

We offer a variety of training programs; cardio vascular, strength, boxing conditioning, MMA training, kettle bells, competitive body building and more.

Our Friends


  • I started working out with Greg 9 months before my wedding, and he not only helped me tone and lose weight but I was in the best shape since playing field hockey in college! He pushes you hard but works around your fitness level and increases the intensity as you get stronger. He also gave me really great tips to help out with my diet. I was really happy with the results when it came time to boarding a plane to my destination wedding, I knew all the workouts were well worth it. I got tons of really nice compliments from family and friends about how great I looked – it made doing all of those mountain climbers and burpee’s worth the pain. Greg is also able to work with you to find time every week even if you’re a busy professional. About a month after my honeymoon, I signed back on with Greg and have been working out with him for almost a year since. Working long hours and traveling a lot for my job, I know that I at least have a tough 30-minute workout every week that helps keeps me motivated and in shape. I highly recommend Greg & FitForLife!

    Katie P.
  • I was always an active individual, participating in a number of team sports as well as extremely consistent about my individual exercising routine that included various weights and cardio on a daily basis. I always kept my weight down but never truly noticed an exceptional difference in my body. Once I was introduced to kettlebells and began using them, I was shocked at how quickly my body changed. I began to have longer, leaner muscles, not only through each area of my arms, but as well as my back and most everywhere including my core. I have limited time to work out every day and I believe that kettlebells are the most efficient and fulfilling way to push yourself and feel great. Kettlebells have exceeded all my expectations.

    Julie M.
  • While working at Golds Gym in South Boston, I was introduced to Kettlebell training by Greg Pappas, RKC. Personally I was looking to get back into shape but was tired of the same old gym routine. Enter the Kettlebell! I was hooked after Greg put me through my first workout (which last about 4 minutes). Since then, I have lost 15 lbs of body fat, and my blood pressure and cholesterol have gone down dramatically. Professionally, I have implemented kettlebell training into rehab programs for patients with a wide variety of ailments from low back pain, to shoulder instability. Kettlebells have literally changed my life and I enjoy passing it along to others.

    John H.