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  • Expert, one-on-one and small-group fitness/personal training
  • Kettlebell training with StrongFirst Certified Trainer
  • Bodybuilding with former Mr. Massachusetts champ
  • Boxing/Fighter Conditioning


Greg Pappas
Greg Pappas - Mr Massachusetts

Greg Pappas, Strongfirst Certified Kettlebell Instructor, has been owner of FitForLife, Inc since 2004. Prior to founding FitForLife, Greg owned FitQuest in Boston's South End for twelve years. He has been in the fitness business for over 25 years.

Greg was a competitive body builder for 10 years and a former Mr. Massachusetts Bodybuilding Champ. Greg received his Russian Kettlebell Certification and training directly from Pavel Tsatsouline, the forefather of the US Kettlebell Movement.

Greg is also available for workshops and seminars.


I've had some back and hip issues that kept me from being as active as I wanted. I come to FitForLife to see Greg Pappas, as I had heard from a friend that Greg is good at helping people rehab old injuries. We started off slow, with just some basic body weight exercises. Greg showed me some joint mobility exercises that I continue to do today to keep my body in check. We steadily made progress with my injuries and now I am back to being as active as I want. Awesome!

— Dee B.

I was introduced to Kettlebell training by Greg Pappas, RKC. Personally I was looking to get back into shape but was tired of the same old gym routine. Enter the Kettlebell! I was hooked after Greg put me through my first workout (which last about 4 minutes). Since then, I have lost 15 lbs of body fat, and my blood pressure and cholesterol have gone down dramatically. Professionally, I have implemented kettlebell training into rehab programs for patients with a wide variety of ailments from low back pain, to shoulder instability. Kettlebells have literally changed my life and I enjoy passing it along to others.

— John H.

I was always an active individual, participating in a number of team sports as well as extremely consistent about my individual exercising routine that included various weights and cardio on a daily basis. I always kept my weight down but never truly noticed an exceptional difference in my body. Once I was introduced to kettlebells and began using them, I was shocked at how quickly my body changed. I began to have longer, leaner muscles, not only through each area of my arms, but as well as my back and most everywhere including my core. I have limited time to work out every day and I believe that kettlebells are the most efficient and fulfilling way to push yourself and feel great. Kettlebells have exceeded all my expectations.


Fit For Life Boston

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